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Product Photography

Your imagery should evoke feeling and tell a visual story. Eskae Creative focuses on bringing your products to life with high quality photographs that have been created to capture the essence of your brand.

It’s time to bring your vision to life.

Photography Types

Photography comes in many creative types.

In order to determine which style of photography you will find most suitable for your brand, the main types of photography offered by Eskae Creative are defined below:

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Still Life Photography

Still-life Photography involves the arrangement of inanimate objects in an aesthetically pleasing manner to shot for either personal, editorial, or commercial use. Still-life includes food, flowers, and plants, personal desk space or workspaces, household items such as dishes, vases, and plates arranged in creative or artistic ways.


Flat Lay Photography

Flat lay photography involves the arrangement of objects on a flat surface, captured from directly above. Often referred to as a bird’s eye view, flat lay photography and it’s a great way to showcase everything from product photography to setting a particular mood or vibe.


Studio Photography

Studio photography is preformed indoors in a managed setting where there is complete control over all of the elements that go into creating a photograph. Studio photography consists of using coloured or textured background sweeps, photography lights and studio equipment.


Lifestyle Photography

Also known as in-context photography, lifestyle product photography involves photographing a product within a curated and styled scene or space, with the option of featuring models in order to introduce the idea of the lifestyle or aesthetic of the product. (For example, photographing crockery in a kitchen)


E-Commerce Photography

E-Commerce Product Photography involves capturing the best quality image of a products in order to be used as a product photo on an ecommerce website. Stock photos are taken purely for website product photos on a plain white or transparent background.