1. Initial Consultation

In the initial design consultation we will learn about your business, discuss your requirements and understand the purpose of your website. This can be discussed via a phonecall or email.

2. Booking

Once we have completed the initial consultation, we will book your web design job into our next availability. Each web design job is treated as a design intensive, meaning that we will provide you will allocated dates of up to 10 consecutive business days where we will work on your website solely.

3. Website Technicalities + Initial Setup

Technicalities and initial website setup include organising your URL and hosting plan and setting up your website platform in preparation for the build.


Technicalities & Initial Setup Fees: 

  • Initial website setup fee - $250AUD
  • Website URL & Hosting plan setup fee - estimated costs below

If you are starting from scratch and you are not interested in becoming tech savvy by any means, you can leave everything up to us and we can set up your URL and hosting plan for you.

Estimated costs for URL & Hosting plans:
Purchasing your URL (website address) starts from $14.99 p/year
Hosting plans start from $24.95 per month or an upfront fee 12 months for approx $150 | 24 months for approx $240

(*Technical fees are cost paid directly to the selected service provider and website platform, not to Eskae Creative. If you already have a URL and hosting plan, you must ensure that your hosting plan includes WordPress. We can assist you with this. Initial setup fee is required.)

4. Supply Content

Before we begin the first draft of your website design, we must receive your content. 

Supplying content for your website includes the following:


  • Written copy describing your services, your business and who you are, testimonials and any other information you need to include
  • Photography of your work
  • Credentials (eg. qualification/ticket/license details if required)
  • If you already have a logo, ensure to supply your logo and branding colours


Please ensure to notify us if you require copywriting services.

5. Design Phase

The design phase is a vital part of the website development process. Here we will structure the layout of your website and provide you with a mockup of your website through a wireframe. This allows you to view what your website will look like as a whole before it is built. We will provide up to 3 revisions before your final approval and sign off on the overall design of your website before we begin the build. It is important that we work closely and receive your prompt feedback during this phase in order to stay on track and meet the deadline for your launch.

6. Build Phase

Once the final wireframe has been approved and signed off, we begin the build of the website. Depending on your requirements and the complexity of your website, the build can take between 3 to 5 business days.

7. Testing Phase

The testing phase begins once the build is complete. Here we will double-check all of the functionality and usability of the website and ensure everything is working correctly. We will also ask you to check the same and once we have completed all testing, we will be able to sign off for the launch! Please note, the testing phase is for functionality testing revisions only. During this phase there are no changes to the design of the website, as the design has already been approved during the design phase.

8. The Launch!

Your new website is now ready to launch! We can make your website live immediately or you can select a day that you would like to make it live.

Timeframe for Completion

The timeframe for completion we aim for is up to 10 business days, depending on the requirements of the project. As we treat your job as a design intensive, we must receive your prompt response when sending through revisions for your approval in order to stay on track with our project deadline. During your allocated booking dates, we ask that you are available to be contacted via email and respond within a 24-36 hour response timeframe.

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